Hampus Svard was raised in the quaint and quiet village of Sundborn, Sweden. Here he found inspiration during cold dark winter months making music in his basement.


Largely influenced by strong cultural ties to local folklore music Hampus chose the violin as his first instrument. After years of playing the violin he traded it in for a guitar at the age of 13. 



His sound evolved from his once folk roots to his now broad electro-pop-rock sound, occasionally flirting with new wave and post punk. He collaborated with many musicians while living in Sweden and was a member of bands like ManJam, Howlin Team, Big exit and thesureface. 


Hampus spent most of his early-mid 20’s traveling the world, he has lived in Norway, Australia, Cuba, Central America, Italy and currently resides in New York City. Music stayed an important part of his life throughout his travels and has contributed to his unique and eclectic sound.